Ultimate Copywriters’ Roll Call: 100 Top International Copywriters and Content Bloggers

by Lorraine Thompson

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Want to hire a copywriter? Want to become a copywriter? Want to check out other copywriters—your colleagues and competitors in the content creation community?

You’ve come to the right place. This post provides a handy reference for some of the world’s top copywriters and content marketers.

Gathered from my Twitter community and RSS feed, the following Ultimate Copywriters’ Roll Call: 100 Top International Copywriters and Content Bloggers is a truly global roster. In addition to writers from across the US, you’ll find pros from the UK as well as Canada, France, India, Australia, New Zealand and Guam.

I hope you’ll find them as brilliant, inspiring and entertaining as I do.

Here we go then—in no particular order…

100 Top International Copywriters and Content Bloggers

About: Marketing Psychology Ideas from New Zealand marketing strategist and cartoonist Sean D’Souza
Great post: How To Make Your Client Remember Your Website …Forever!
Twitter: @seandsouza

Chris Brogan
About: Learn how human business works with Chris Brogan, business consultant, speaker and best-selling author of Trust Agents
Great post: 40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content
Twitter: @ChrisBrogan

About: Tips for copywriters, bloggers, and content marketers from Brian Clark, Sonia Simone and a host of guest bloggers
Great post: Too many to choose, but check out How to Write Magnetic Headlines, and Sean Platt’s guest post, The Eminem Guide to Becoming a Marketing Machine
Twitter: @Copyblogger

Bob Bly’s Blog
About: The of Blog Robert Bly, veteran copywriter and author of The Copywriters’ Handbook
Great post: The 3-Part Winning Formula for a USP
Twitter: @RobertBly

ABC Copywriting Blog
About: Blog of Tom Albrighton, UK copywriter and principal at ABC Copywriting
Great Post: Freelancers: It’s Not About You
Twitter: @ABC_Copywriting

The Copywriting Blog
About: Copywriting news, comments and ideas from the UK’s Ben Locker and Associates
Great post: Ogilvy-style Long Copy Ad
Twitter: @BenLocker

Junta 42 Blog
About: Content marketing and custom publishing trends from Junta 42 founder Joe Pulizzi
Great post
: Is Quality Content Enough?
Twitter: @Junta42

Conversation Agent
About: Blogger Valeria Maltoni, Director of Strategy at Powered, Inc, connects ideas and people and discusses how talk can change our lives
Great post: Should You Outsource Social Media?
Twitter: @ConversationAge

Bad Language
About: Writing on writing by Matthew Stibbe, UK copywriter and chief at Articulate Marketing
Great post: 10 Ways to Slim Down Obese Copy
Twitter: @MStibbe

About: Posts, book reviews, poetry and advice from writer and speaker Colleen Wainwright
Great post: The Boulder: A new song for a New Year
Twitter: @Communicatrix

Euston, do you copy?
About: Inside hints and expert tips on writing persuasive, profitable copy from UK copywriter Johnny Cullen
Great post: Summer’s Here: Is Your Copywriting Beach Beautiful?
Twitter: @EustonDoYouCopy

Turner Ink
About: Tips, techniques and chat on copywriting, marketing, advertising and wordy stuff by UK copywriter Sarah Turner
Great post: F***king hell. Is it okay to swear now?
Twitter: @TurnerInk

Jamie Hudson
About: The blog of UK copywriter Jamie Hudson
Great post: How to Write a Great Strapline
Twitter: @JamieHudson

Freelance Folder
About: A blog for entrepreneurs, freelancers and web-workers
Great post: Charging More than the Other Guys
Twitter: @FreelanceFolder

Copywriting Maven
About: The blog of direct response copywriter and landing page specialist Roberta Rosenberg
Great post: Landing Page 101 (Copyblogger guest posts)
Twitter: @CopywriterMaven

Small Business Owner
About: Ace copywriter Paul Hassing blogs about the lives and times of Aussie small business owners. Paul is the founder and senior writer of The Feisty Empire
Great post: Are You Future-Proof?
Twitter: @PaulHassing

The Well-Fed Writer Blog
About: Income-boosting resources for commercial writers from Peter Bowerman, veteran commercial freelance writer and author of The Well-Fed Writer
Great post: Be a Good Storyteller, Be a Better Copywriter
Twitter: @wellfedwriter

About: Juicy, high-calorie ideas certified for maximum ROI from the copywriter Kelly Parkinson
Great post: The Nobody Cares Bears
Twitter: @Copylicious

The Savvy Freelancer
About: Resources, guidance and support from freelance writer and entrepreneur Lexi Rodrigo
Great post: 31 Days to Start Freelancing
Twitter: @lexirodrigo

Jill Tomlinson Copywriting
About: The blog of UK copywriter Jill Tomlinson
Great post: Which comes first? Web design or copy?
Twitter: @SheLovesToWrite

Writing Thoughts
About: What you need to know about good writing from copywriter Laura Spencer
Great post: Should Writers Be Paid by Word Count?
Twitter: @TxWriter

Ghostwriter Dad
About: Content marketing and direct response copy from Sean Platt, author, father, and Creative Director at Rev Media Marketing.
Great post: Six Fatal Writing Flaws You Make And Their Easy Antidotes
Twitter: @SeanPlatt

Chad Schomber
About: Rants and ramblings about advertising, the creative process, big ideas and funny life stories from Wisconsin copywriter Chad Schomber
Great post: How Do You Relate to Your Desk?
Twitter: @chadschomber

Copy Ideas
About: Simple copy ideas that help you create higher response, sales and conversion from copywriter Robert Stover
Great post: Boost Response When You Add Imagination to Your Copy
Twitter: @RobertStover

Vintage Copywriting
About: Blog of UK Push Creativity copywriter Angela Montague
Great post: This Twitter Thing
Twitter: @AngPang

Thursday Bram
About: The Business of Freelance Writing from full-time freelance writer Thursday Bram.
Great post: Content Monetization and What it Means for Writers
Twitter: @thursdayb

Jeff Sexton Writes
About: A blog focusing on online copywriting, radio copy, Website optimization and persuasion from Future Now writer and consultant Jeff Sexton.
Great post: The Psychological Principle Behind Marketing Success In a Networked World
Twitter: @JeffSexton

Copywriter Underground
About: Modern marketing strategies for copywriters and businesses written by freelance copywriter Tom Chandler
Great post: Is There Any Reason Social Media Copywriting Has to Suck Like a Hoover?
Twitter: @ChandlerWrites

Irreverent Freelancer
About: Hilarious client tales from veteran freelance writer Kathy Kehrli
Great post: The Ultimate Get-a-Clue Freelance Request
Twitter: @IrreverentFreel

Words on a Page
About: Advice and ramblings on the writing life from veteran writer and editor Lori Widmer
Great post: Worthy Tip: Upping Your Game
Twitter: @LoriWidmer

Lindsey Donner
About: The blog of writer and editor Lindsey Donner
Great post: Five Easy Things You Can Do to Boost Business in Less Than One Hour
Twitter: @lindsey_donner

Red Head Writing
About: Social media, marketing, SEO copywriting and blunt advice from red-headed writer Erika Napoletano
Great post: The Bitch Slap: You Whiny Little “Freelancer”
Twitter: @RedheadWriting

Writing Roads Blog
About: Copywriting and content creation from writer Julie Roads
Great post: The Waste of Worry
Twitter: @writingroads

All Freelance Writing
About: Serious advice for serious freelance writers from writers Jennifer Mattern, Yolander Prinzel and others
Great Post: Demand Media Strikes Back at PBS and Writers Everywhere – Yawn
Twitter: @EvelynLafont@queryfreewriter

Tither Copy
About: The blog of copywriter Lesley Tither
Great post: Who’s afraid of big, bad article marketing?
Twitter: @TitherCopy

The Word Well
About: Sales writing tips from UK copywriter Nikki Cooke.
Great post: The Secret to Writing SEO Website Copy
Twitter: @TheWordWell

Fit to Print
About: The blog of UK web editor and content strategist Ali Turnbull
Great post: Words you don’t need on your website: “just” and “simply click”
Twitter: @fit+to_print

The Freelance Copywriters Blog
About: B2B and B2C secrets from UK copywriter Sally Ormond
Great post: Stop, Look, Listen and then Copywrite
Twitter: @SallyOrmond

Scribble Mill Blog
About: The blog of UK copywriter Paul Mallaghan
Great post: What Can You Learn From 1117 Copyblogger Headlines?
Twitter: @Scribblemill

Dear Dr. Freelance
About: Freelance job tips and advice for writers, editors, designers and creatives from copywriter Jake Poinier
Great post: Freelance Follies: Can you just wordsmith it a bit?
Twitter: @DrFreelance

Ouch Sharp Copy
About: The blog of award-winning UK copywriter and creative director Larner Caleb
Great post: The oxymoron of the fresh approach
Twitter: @LarnerC

Michael Foreman
About: The blog of UK B2B and B2C copywriter Michael Foreman
Great post: What Freelancers Can Learn from Mad Men: Public Relations
Twitter: @Foreman_maximus

Freelance Writing Gigs
About: A freelance writing jobs announcement site and community resource for freelance writers
Great post: Everything is Optional
Twitter: @FreelanceWJ

Richard Hollins
About: The blog of award-winning UK communications professional Richard Hollins
Great post: Copywriting tips: length matters
Twitter: @richardhollins

Advice to Writers
About: Writerly wisdom from a dazzling array of literary lights
Great post: The Subject of Drama is The Truth
Twitter: @AdviceToWriters

About: A discussion of social media, social networking and online community management by writer Deb Ng
Great post: How to Respond Positively to Negative Feedback
Twitter: @debng

Get Paid to Write Online
About: Straight talk about your writing career by professional web content writer Sharon Hurley Hall
Great post: How To Write With A British Accent
Twitter: @SHurleyHall

Being Beta
About: Exercises in higher banter with UK copywriter Rishi Dastidar
Great post: On writing, and the Bunny Booker
Twitter: @BetaRish

Pushing Social
About: Social media tips, techniques and strategies from Stanford Smith, Vice President of Marketing at Fluency Media
Great post: 10 Subtle Lies That Cripple New Bloggers
Twitter: @pushingsocial

Steven Pressfield
About: Writing advice from Steven Pressfield, novelist and best-selling author of The War of Art
Great post: The Ego and the Self
Twitter: @SPressfield

About: Novel writing tips and fundamentals from writer and writing teacher Larry Brooks
Great post: Story Structure — Just Possibly the Holy Grail of Storytelling
Twitter: @storyfix

Lyden’s Lab for Copywriters
About: Copywriter Sean Lyden uncovers the principles, processes and psychology of writing persuasive copy.
Great post: Where Does Your Copy Fit in the Sales Process?
Twitter: @SeanMLyden

Robert Hempsall
About: Blog of UK copywriter and information designer, Robert Hempsall, “a man who makes things easy to understand.”
Great post: Statistical confusion of Olympian proportions
Twitter: @roberthempsall

Editor Mark
About: Thoughts on journalism and copy editing, including grammar, usage and style from journalist and copy editor Mark Allen
Great post: Fingers Fly, Typos Transpire
Twitter: @EditorMark

Publication Coach
About: Techniques from daily journalism that help you write better and faster from writer and writing coach Daphne Gray-Grant
Great post: 7 ways to ensure your reading is helping your writing
Twitter: @pubcoach

Lisa Barone
About: Posts on marketing, SEO and copywriting from Lisa Barone, Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media
Great post: 100+ SMB Blogging Ideas to Kick Off 2010
Twitter: @LisaBarone

Social Media Examiner
About: Free online magazine to help businesses discover how to use social media tools
Great post: 10 Steps to Successful Video Blogging
Twitter: @smexaminer

Itty Biz
About: A place to get tips, advice, motivation, and support for your very small business from irreverent entrepreneur, Naomi Dunford
Great post: Entrepreneurship: What To Do When You’re Scared Sh*tless
Twitter: @NaomiDunford

MarketingProfs Daily Fix
About: Business and non-profit marketing opinions, commentary and news
Great post: What Happens at the End of the Social Media Adoption Curve?

Content Gyan
About: The blog of Indian online copywriter, website content writer and content strategist Amrit Hallan
Great post: A successful content writer must have a unique voice
Twitter: @AmritHallan

Men with Pens
About: Web copy that sells from Canadian freelance writer James Chartrand and US writer Taylor Lindstrom
Great post: Are Bloggers Creating Their Own Sweatshop?
Twitter: @MenwithPens

Write to Done
About: Unmissable articles on writing. Twice weekly. From Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch.
Great post: 12 Life Lessons from Warren Buffett to Being a More Compassionate Writer
Twitter: @WritetoDone

Web Ink Now
About: Marketing and leadership strategies from marketer and best-selling author David Meerman Scott
Great post: An open letter to journalists: You have an amazing career opportunity on the Dark Side
Twitter: @dmscott

SEO Copywriting Blog
About: Powerful SEO copywriting tips from Heather Lloyd-Martin
Great post: Surviving the business dark times
Twitter: @heatherlloyd

Pro Copy Tips
About: Smart copywriting tips to turn words into success from direct marketing copywriter Dean Rieck
Great post: How to write a complete direct mail package
Twitter: @DeanRieck

John Kuraoka
About: The blog of freelance advertising copywriter and creative director John Kuraoka
Great post: Advertising strategy and other lies
Twitter: @kuraoka

Michel Fortin
About: Top copywriting and marketing tips from direct response copywriter and marketing consultant Michel Fortin
Great post: Blame the Copywriter, Not the Copy
Twitter: @michelfortin

The Total Package
About: Business-building strategies for growth-obsessed businesses from veteran direct response copywriter Clayton Makepeace
Great post: How to Write Better Sales Copy, Faster

Gaping Void
About: Wit, wisdom and cartoons on the back of business cards from artist and marketer Hugh MacLeod
Great post: Cartoon Archive
Twitter: @gapingvoid

Awake at the Wheel
About: Posts that wake-up your mind, body, career and life from Career Renegade Jonathan Fields
Great post: I’m a Freak. And So Can You
Twitter: @jonathanfields

Seth’s Blog
About: The blog of bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change Seth Godin
Great post: If you could change your life

About: Blogging tips to help you make money blogging
Great post: 31 Days to Building a Better Blog
Twitter: @problogger

Ad Broad
About: Random thoughts on the industry from ad copywriter Helen Klein Ross
Great post: Are we getting dumber?
Twitter: @AdBroad

Duct Tape Marketing Blog
About: Small business marketing coaching and consulting ideas from marketing and digital technology coach John Jantsch
Great post: Journey to the Center of the Marketing Universe
Twitter: @ducttape

The Steve Rubel Stream
About: The blog of Steve Rubel, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital
Great post: The Rise of the Corporate Transmedia Storyteller
Twitter: @steverubel

Wealthy Freelancer
About: Tips and advice from freelance writers/consultants Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia and Pete Savage
Great post: Are These Mental Demons Crushing Your Freelance Income?
Twitter: @steveslaunwhite @ edgandia @petesavage

Ad Contrarian
About: Cranky opinions and advice from the CEO of a pretty large ad agency
Great post: How To Be Fabulously Successful
Twitter: @AdContrarian

Row Writes
About: Blog of UK copywriter, editor and journalist Rowena Forbes
Great post: What do you mean?
Twitter: @rowwrites

About: Rants from a contrary NY advertising copywriter
Great post: Young Creatives: Put down your f*cking iPhones and learn something.
Twitter: @copyranter

Andy Maslen on Copywriting
About: Blog of independent direct response and corporate UK copywriter Andy Maslen
Great post: The case of the missing headline
Twitter: @andymaslen

DH Communications
About: News, riffs and commentary from B2B copywriter Dianna Huff
Great post: Creating Original Content: Go for a Walkabout
Twitter: @diannahuff

Marketing Words Copywriting Blog
About: SEO copywriting, ecommerce copywriting and web copywriting from online copywriter Karon Thackston
Great post: Nip and Tuck – 3 Quick Tricks for Writing with Keywords
Twitter: @karonthackston

Confident Writing
About: Tips on how to write and communicate with greater confidence from author and editor Joanna Paterson
Great post: The Long and the Short of It
Twitter: @joannapaterson

Kranz Communications Blog
About: EBooks, articles and videos on content creation from copywriter Jonathan Kranz
Great post: Key Content Marketing Question #1: Do we have what readers want?
Twitter: @jonkranz

NLP Language Patterns for Advertising
About: Applying the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to your copy
Great post: Speedy Cash with this Advertising Language Pattern

Divine Write
About: All things copywriting – and quite a bit about SEO from Australian copywriter Glenn Murray
Great post: If you’re an article spinner, you’re a spammer. Man up and admit it!
Twitter: @divinewrite

Nick Usborne
About: Write money-making websites and online copywriting with help from copywriter Nick Usborne
Great post: If you have any doubts about whether Google values quality content…
Twitter: @nickusborne

Mann Made Blog
About: The blog of content creator Jamie Lee Mann
Great post: How do you choose your keywords and phrases?
Twitter: @JaimeLeeMann

Write On Creative Blog
About: The blog of copywriter and marketing strategist Lisa Manyon
Great post: Are You Connecting with Your Customers with Consistent Communication They Can Relate To?
Twitter: @WriteOnCreative

Good Cat Marketing Blog
About: One-stop shop for online marketing from marketing strategist Cathy Goodwin
Great post: 3 copywriting tips that may surprise you
Twitter: @cathygoodwin

Cindy Bidar
About: The blog of copywriter and internet marketer Cindy Bidar
Great post: Testing for Leaks in a Sales Page
Twitter: @cindybidar

Urban Muse Writer
About: The blog of freelance writer, blogger and copy ninja Susan Johnston
Great post: A Few Words on Word Counts: How to Beef Up or Slim Down
Twitter: @UrbanMuseWriter

Content Marketing Today
About: How to turn prospects into buyers with content marketing
Great post: Jekyll and Hyde Content Marketing: Bad Website & Wonderful Blog
Twitter: @newtbarrett

Hub Spot Blog
About: Hub Spot’s award-winning blog on Internet marketing, search engine optimization and inbound marketing
Great post: Breaking Down the Inbound Marketing Mix
Twitter: @HubSpot

Brian Solis
About: Marketing online resources from digital analyst and author Brian Solis
Great post: Twitter Promoted to Ad Network
Twitter: @briansolis

Six Pixels of Separation
About: Marketing and communications insights from Mitch Joel, digital visionary and President of Twist Image.
Great post: Being a Twitter Snob is a Good Thing
Twitter: @mitchjoel

Brass Tack Thinking
About: The blog of Amber Naslund, Director of Community for Radian6 and Tamsen McMahon, Director of Digital and Strategic Initiatives at Sametz Blackstone Associates
Great post: You’re Already a Community Manager
Twitter: @ambercadabra @tamadear

Giraffe Forum
About: The blog of Gerry McGovern, web content management consultant, author and CEO of Customer Carewords
Great post: The reason why ad agency websites are truly awful
Twitter: @gerrymcgovern

Future Now
About: The blog of Grokdotcom.com: Helping you improve conversion rates and increase leads through web analytics
Great post: “Click Here” Makes Me Rip My Hair Out

About: Stop marketing. Start engaging—with help from unmarketer Scott Stratton
Great post: Frequently Futile – How Often Should You Blog?
Twitter: @unmarketing

Not listed? Well you are now.

Twitter copywriting colleagues: If you’re not listed on this roster, very likely you can blame Twitter’s “list” functionality that displays in real time only. That means if you weren’t tweeting at exactly the same time I was compiling this post, I didn’t see you. Let’s make it right.

Just leave your name and blog info in the comments. I’ll list you in a More Great Copywriters Roster, providing…

  • You blog about copywriting or content creation and
  • I follow you on Twitter.

More Great Copywriters Roster

Stephen Da Cambra
Twitter: @StephenDaCambra

Hal Werner, @copydemic on Twitter

Who are your favorite copywriters?

Feel free to add your favorite content creators in the comments.

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